Comprehending new technologies and utilizing them in a creative manner is the key for developing innovative applications and effective IT services. Each year at Singular Logic Group, we invest a significant part of our turnover into R&D and into the development of new, pioneering methodologies and state-of-the-art technological tools. Based on SingularLogic Group R&D policy, every company and group member participates actively into the research and development of cutting-edge tools and methodologies to improve the solutions and services of the Group.

SingularLogic Cyprus LTD pursues R&D activities aiming at the design and implementation of innovative applications and platforms in respond to the needs of the Cypriot ICT market. The research interests of SingularLogic Cyprus  span across several domains such as:

  • E-accessibility, health and independent living, which focuses on development of innovative ICT platforms and services that address societal challenges, such as active ageing and e-Inclusion through supporting older adults and disabled persons based on innovative information and communication technologies (ICT).
  • Future Internet Enterprises, focusing on the deployment of Future Internet technologies (Internet of Services, Internet of Things, etc.) supporting all processes in supply chain environments such as sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, etc.
  • Smart Cities, with an emphasis on the deployment of ICT technologies with data analytics capabilities in smart cities environments such as Smart Energy and Mobility.
  • E-Government, focusing on the outsourcing of public services in the Cloud.
  • E-learning, which focuses on innovative platforms and services for next-generation e-learning applications.

Singularlogic Cyprus  extensively collaborates and shares R&D expertise and know-how with the European Projects Department of SingularLogic. More information about the European Projects Department can be found here.

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